It was a very special session for me. This gorgeous woman in the photos below is a friend of mine. She is strong, confident, tender and sweet at the same time. I think she is in a perfect balance!

I’m still learning from her how to love yourself and share this love with the people around you.

And I want to thank her for the trust and an honor to be her photographer!

And oh my God! She had cut her beautiful hair after the photoshoot!

I am very happy and lucky to be Ira’s model. 

For me, she is a talented photographer. She always says, that everybody is beautiful. It is more than true, that everyone is beautiful in front of her camera. It is not just because of the make-up, clothes or her skill of using the light. The most important and fascinating part is that she has the ability to discover the real beauty which exists within everyone, but has been hidden or ignored in the daily life.

The pictures, which Ira has taken for me, have collected a lot of compliments. But what I feel most thankful to Ira for is my smile in the pictures, in which I see a real, happy, beautiful me.


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