I am very happy and lucky to be Ira’s model. 

For me, she is a talented photographer. She always says, that everybody is beautiful. It is more than true, that everyone is beautiful in front of her camera. It is not just because of the make-up, clothes or her skill of using the light. The most important and fascinating part is that she has the ability to discover the real beauty which exists within everyone, but has been hidden or ignored in the daily life.

The pictures, which Ira has taken for me, have collected a lot of compliments. But what I feel most thankful to Ira for is my smile in the pictures, in which I see a real, happy, beautiful me.


My name is Maria, I’m in my 40s and I’m a happy mom of 3 kids.

I should say, that we did not often go to a professional photographer and I regret it now. Time flies fast, everything changes and kids grow up so quickly. At the end of the day you really need to keep something for memory.

My dear daughters are now 13 and 15 years old, they are turning into beautiful young women and I wanted to capture this wonderful period of their lives. And of course I wanted a beautiful portrait with my (already not little at all) girls.

Photoshoot flew in one go. On this day, each of us felt like a super model! We got a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions!


Hi, I’m 25 years old and I’m a QA Engineer in IT-company.

It was my very first experience in professional photo session. I was worried about everything. I had absolutely no idea how to prepare myself or what I should take with me for the shoot. But in the pre-consultation, Ira explained me everything in detail and I was no more scared but excited!

When I came into the studio the day of the shoot, I liked it straight away, it was really light, spacious and cosy the same time. Ira herself turned out to be an open young woman, one of those people you can easily find contact with.

Time flew by unnoticed, although the shooting lasted 4.5 hours. Everything was at the highest level! Ira knew exactly what to do and how, and helped me to feel comfortable in front of the camera, we talked about life and laughed. It was very cool, all the attention was focused only on me and I felt like a real model.

That was definitely an experience I will never forget. And I recommend everybody to experience it at least once!


Finally I have gorgeous portraits of me! I look so beautiful!

It was quit easy to pose – Ira guided me all the time. I think she can find right words for any type of client. Many thanks for her talent and patience 🙂

I would love to repeat this experience again!


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