Barbara have never been professional photographed. And it was really challenging for her to try to do this. She told me, that she hates how she looks at photos and that there are only a few pictures for the whole life that she likes.

But as she came to the studio it didn’t take long time till she relaxed and started to enjoy the process. She told us that she feel safe and in good hands. She trusted us completely and it was a lot of fun to work with her! A week later as she saw her images, she was in love with the result and couldn’t believe that this gorgeous woman on the photos is actually she!

I personally enjoyed a lot our photo session and I’m totally in love with this amazing woman. She is elegant, feminine and incredibly beautiful!

P.S. One year after photo shooting Barbara texted me and told great news. The portraits were so beautiful and made her feel so confident, that she tried herself as a model. And got her first contract as a model! Congratulations, Barbara!!! You worth it!




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